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Read all about it; it’s the scentbird free trial

scentbird free trial

And after you have read through the details, do snap up your free trial. After your scentbird free trial has expired – sorry, girls, all good things must come to an end – ready yourself for something else. In fact, this is where the good story begins. So, in this scent, good things are only just beginning. The world is your scent. Imagine lying in a large valley of your favorite flowers. This is what it could be like for you if you become a full time and loyal member of the scentbird’s club.

It is a club of fragrances, radiances, lotions, powders, oils for the bath and oils for the skin. Mostly all natural, but definitely still the decadent. You can still prowl the night like the cat that you are inside of you with a sampling of some the most ardent fragrances from the world’s most iconic houses of fashion and fragrances. Mention one or two names, names like Dolce & Gabbana, or Versace, or even Givenchy, and you will hear your scentbird tweet.

She knows these well, and who knows, she may just surprise you with a gift or a blessing of one or two of these decadent scents someday. But you see girls; she is, like you, a sociable creature. She wants you to join her club. To help her make ends meet, you will have to pay a small monthly fee. It is far less than you would normally spend at the fragrance counter and just think; you will be buying items every month, things you would only have purchased once or twice a year.

Like you, this bird loves to shop. And every month she is shopping for bargains that she knows you can afford.